Wednesday, December 8, 2010

West Texas Millionaire Burger Summit

 Some of the greatest ideas are casually discussed over lunch and a beer. At the Bisbee Coffee Company Roaster department, Dan Simonis and entourage met with Rob Page to discuss an idea for the Bisbee Grille Menu. Rob is not quick to just jump into any idea, and is mentally disecting the idea as it is being presented by some hopeful.

As Dan presented his vision of what a Texas Millionaire enjoys in a hamburger, the pieces began to slowly come together for Rob to begin working on Dan's idea with the assistance of his culinary database found on his most private computer.

 After an hour of high speed analysis, Rob printed out the data and went over it with Dan and his wife, Puspa. After going over the logistics, along with back and forth suggestions, it was now time to take it to the kitchen for a series of tests.

A panel of 7, which included Dan and Rob, began to take part in sampling several versions of this experimental burger. It began to be honed down to 3 versions. This will further be scrutinized several more days before becoming, "The West Texas Millionaire Burger Platter".  Stay tuned for the smash premier party!